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This season, "more is more."

As the foliage blushes from green to orange, squirrels, bears and all manner of wildlife begin to slow down and fatten up for the forthcoming hibernation. Not the Fall Fashionisto, though.

Contrary to the natural rhythm, this king of the urban jungle seizes every second of the brief and bountiful harvest season to awaken the menswear beast within. The hunt is on — autumn brings with it cool evenings and brisk breezes, necessitating new boots, outerwear, warm accessories and a stockpile of sweaters.

For fall 2016, Eric Jennings, VP Fashion Director, Menswear, at Saks Fifth Avenue, tells HuffPost Canada Style the biggest trends are a retro '70s vibe, military, relaxed silhouettes and an active, sportswear influence.

Among the must-have items for the season, his key outerwear picks include a camel topcoat, a track jacket, a statement bomber and shearling. For day-to-day items, look no further than a turtleneck sweater, Chelsea boots, and anything and everything plaid.

For those whose style falls more on the streetwear spectrum, the key menswear trends for fall 2016 include the return of '90s staples Fila, Champion, hoodies and the Adidas Gazelle sneaker. High fashion enthusiasts already know this season is all about "more is more" — think: dramatic puffer jackets, cool kitsch (i.e. crazy patterned sweaters and patchwork) and rings for every finger.

For all the other pieces you and your fellow Fall Fashionistos should be coveting this season, check out the slideshow below of must-have menswear items for fall 2016.

Merino Turtleneck

Men's Fall 2016 Fashion Must-Haves

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