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Poutine, Pho, Turducken Added To Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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It’s taken a while for editors at Merriam-Webster dictionary to legitimize it, but the Frankenstein-ish, cannibalizing American holiday dish that stuffs a boneless chicken into a boneless duck into a boneless turkey has finally been recognized as a real word.

In addition to "turducken," other food terms admitted into the 2014 edition of the U.S. dictionary include "pho," a popular Vietnamese dish of rice noodles in a savory broth, and "poutine," a French-Canadian dish that covers fries with cheese curds and smothers the whole lot in hot gravy.

In March, the new food-related words admitted into the Oxford English Dictionary included the "Coney dog" (a hot dog topped with bean-less meat chili, diced white onions and a squirt of yellow mustard), and a slew of derivatives of the word honey ("honey mustard," "honey-roasted," "honey-sweetened" etc).

Merriam-Webster is hosting a conversation about this year’s new word inductees on Twitter with the hashtag (incidentally also a 2014 inductee) #MW2014NewWords.

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