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Cool Dad Michael Buble Gets His Nails Done By His Daughter

Her technique has lots of time to improve, given that she's only two.

One of the less-significant side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the small luxuries it’s taken away from us. The person-to-person contact involved in, say, getting a massage or getting our nails done is now a risky endeavour in ways we rarely considered before 2020.

For many people, that simply means cutting out luxuries for the time being. But if you’re dead set on that glamorous lifestyle, you can do what Michael Buble did: get your kid to do it.

The Canadian singer shared a photo to Instagram of his two-year-old daughter Vida painting his nails — or, more accurately, doing the best approximation of nail painting that a toddler can do.

“Daughter, friend and affordable nail technician,” he captioned the photo.

He’s resting his hand on an electric nail drill, which we’re going to go ahead and assume he did not let his young daughter operate.

Vida is the youngest of Buble and his wife Luisana Lopilato’s three kids. They also share sons Noah, 8, and Elias, 6. Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer when he was just 3, which has since gone into remission.

Buble and Lopilato have recorded a few video messages to fans over the last few months, and their kids have crashed just about all of them. In one, Vida walks in and sits on her mom’s lap, while Noah tries to trick his parents into giving him candy.

In April, Buble appeared on “The Graham Norton Show,” where he talked about the challenges of home-schooling his kids.

“I’m not great at it. I’m terrible at it,” Buble, decked out in a shirt repping Vancouver, told the Irish talk show host. “We’re adapting, and I’m learning new things ... even though I felt guilty about the kids watching their iPad or television, I just mute the screen and turn on subtitles. It’s like they’re reading. I’m killing two birds!”

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