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Michael Bublé Brings His Funny To Bubly Super Bowl Ad

He has pretty great comedic timing.
Aparna Nancherla and Michael Bublé.
Aparna Nancherla and Michael Bublé.

Let's talk honestly about the Super Bowl: the game was boring, the halftime show a headscratcher, and the outcome proof that good things regularly happen to friends of Donald Trump. But lots of people still tuned in, either because they love football, they love ads, or they wanted to take part in one of the biggest cultural events of the year.

One of the big Super Bowl ads featured Canada's own Michael Bublé in an ad for Bubly brand sparkling water. Lots of people think his last name is pronounced "bubbly," his role in the ad is to convince everyone the water is actually pronounced "Bublé," and, naturally, hilarity ensues.

"I am Canadian and I am a big fan of football," the singer said in a statement about the ad. He added that the cans are "perfect for any Super Bowl viewing partés you might be having."

Bublé actually has pretty good comedic timing. (Remember the "Ham and Bubbly" SNL sketch where Jon Hamm played a psychotic version of himself who strong-armed Bublé into opening a pork-and-champagne restaurant? Solid stuff.)

The ad was a tidy hit for an audience who was starved for something interesting and fun to watch.

Comedian Aparna Nancherla also appears in the ad, as a shopper who politely tries to correct Bublé's pronunciation. She illustrated a lot of the friction surrounding this year's Super Bowl with a tweet she sent out after the ad aired, promising to donate part of her paycheque to Black Lives Matter and the Flint Water Fund.

Many football fans had mixed feelings about tuning in to this year's Super Bowl. Some took director Ava DuDernay's lead and boycotted to game to protest the NFL's treatment of Colin Kaepernick, who hasn't been signed to a team in what many people believe is direct retaliation to his decision to protest by kneeling during the national anthem. Both Rihanna and Cardi B turned down offers to perform at the halftime show, and Jay-Z allegedly tried to talk Travis Scott out of it.

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