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Michael Coren Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Interview Gets Heated Over Jews In Hollywood Quip (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jews In Hollywood Quip Leads To Heated TV Argument

UPDATE: The war of words between Sun TV host Michael Coren and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach contines to escalate. In a follow-up segment, Coren couldn't resist getting a few more digs in, even dubbing him 'Rabbi Botox'.

Check out the clip above.

The latter responded in kind.

"All Coren had to do was apologize for these nauseating insinuations and remarks," Boteach wrote in a release on Friday. "Instead, he made the matter worse by complaining that I’m short, that my office had the temerity to request kosher food from the exalted Coren and his staff, and that I refused to exit his studio when he obnoxiously demanded that I exit the very moment the cameras stopped rolling."

Original story begins here:

Well, he's certainly not Michael Coren's rabbi.

Shmuley Boteach, America's self-designated 'favourite rabbi,' had a downright acrimonious tilt on his interview on Sun TV's The Arena Tuesday — a feud that frothed into a tit-for-tat exchange on the HuffPost blog within hours of the show's taping.

'Today I had what was probably the most unpleasant TV interview of my life," Boteach wrote in his blog for the Huffington Post about an hour after the dust-up.

His take? Coren paid scant attention to the book Boreach was plugging — an attempt to reclaim Jesus for Jews called, naturally, Kosher Jesus — but instead, plowed on about "how much the Catholic Church and Christians in general have done for the Jews of late."

"Yet the Jews continue to be so unappreciative, always questioning Christian motivation, always finding fault with Christians no matter what."'

And then, Boteach — famously, a friend to the-late Michael Jackson — says his Canadian interviewer took it to Hollywood.

"I asked him to justify his claim that Jews depict Christians negatively. He said something like, "What do you mean? Just look at Hollywood."

'Ridiculous,' Coren shot back in his own blog for HuffPost.

Coren summons a laundry list that should stand him in good stead with the community, from having three Jewish grandparents to a daily barrage of death threats from 'Islamic fanatics' to being what he considers a "one of the most vociferous pro-Israel and pro-Jewish voices in Canadian media."

As for Boteach, it's not the first time he's waxed indignant at a public appearance. He kicked off a recent conference in California with a bang.

"Must I suffer the indignity of being the only pornographic lecturer?" he asked a crowd of several hundred.

Maybe too much of a bang.

He apparently stormed out after being asked to keep the noise down.

The rift between Boteach and Coren, however, might still be mended -- if the latter 'mans up' and does the right thing.

"Michael Coren owes Jewry an apology," Boteach writes. "If he's man enough to give it I will overlook his foul treatment of me, both during the interview and after it was over."

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