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Michael Douglas As Liberace: Actor Wears Makeup On New York Magazine Cover (PHOTO)

Michael Douglas Wears Makeup!

Who would have expected Michael Douglas to look good in makeup?

The "Wall Street" star got into character as the late performer Liberace for New York magazine, with one eye covered in shimmery purple eye makeup, lots of mascara and false lashes.

The 68-year-old actor plays the flamboyant entertainer in the new HBO biopic "Behind the Candelabra" (which airs on May 26) and co-stars Matt Damon as Liberace's former chauffeur and rumoured live-in lover.

To get into the role, Douglas had to be comfortable wearing clothes he's never worn before, such as a glamorous fur sequined cape and ruffled collars.

Douglas told New York magazine, "I was the girl on this movie! The hair and makeup for Liberace took two and a half hours. I’ve never done elaborate hair and makeup before. Up until now, my entire career has been contemporary.”

The movie is a bit of a comeback for Douglas, who battled advanced Stage IV throat cancer and underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatment. (His cancer was detected by doctors in Montreal.)

Although his career is on the upswing, Douglas is still supporting family members who are going through hard times. Wife Catherine Zeta-Jones (of "Chicago" fame) was admitted to a clinic for treatment of her bipolar II disorder in April and son Cameron is currently in prison serving a jail sentence for drug offences.

What do you think of Michael Douglas' New York cover?

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