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How Many Cuts Does It Take To Open A Milk Bag? The Great Canadian Debate

Snipping both ends may seem bizarre, but the science makes sense.

Amid the reality of social distancing, Canadians, who now have no other option besides sitting home and killing time, have started to ponder life’s big questions.

And so, a serious debate has taken a hold of the nation (or at least, central parts of the nation): what’s the right way to open a bag of milk?

Twitter user Shazia Donachie posted a photo of a bag opened by her husband, criticizing his method. The image shows that Donachie’s husband snipped open both corners of the milk bag before putting it into a holding jug.

The replies to Donachie’s tweet proved that she and her husband weren’t the only people split on how to do it. When it comes to the issue of who to open a bag of milk, Canadians are quite divided.

Snipping both ends of a milk bag might seem bizarre to some, but Team Two-Snip actually has some solid science backing their method. An additional snip helps re-direct air pressure to gently push out milk through the other side. It’s the difference between getting a big, and potentially messy, gulp out instead of a nice, steady stream.

Some users pointed out if that aesthetic of a double-snipped bag turns you off, all you really need for a silky pour is a tiny cut on the other end.

Still, that wasn’t enough to convince some single-snippers, who maintain that cutting off both ends is completely outrageous.

There seems to be no unanimous answer to the question (and yes, it’s been debated many, many times). But one thing’s for sure — while Canadians work through the logistics of opening milk, everywhere else in the world the question isn’t “how?” but “why?”

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