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Miss Universe Canada Dressed Up As Legal Cannabis, Because Of Course

Unfortunately, her scores were not so high.

Canada’s contestant at last weekend’s Miss Universe pageant truly lit up the stage.

For the competition’s “National Costume” segment — in which contestants dress up in outfits representing their country — Alyssa Boston decided to celebrate last year’s legalization of recreational cannabis by dressing up as a weed leaf.

The glittery green number by Nicaraguan designer Neftali Espinoza came complete with a matching sceptre. As Boston took the stage during the Dec. 8 broadcast, the competition’s announcer said the outfit aims to end the stigma around cannabis use.

“This sparkly green costume represents the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes,” the announcer explained. “This contestant wants to end the stigma that’s been around since 1920. If you’ve got the need, you can grab legal weed with Canada.”

See Boston’s entrance here at 10:30:

Ahead of the competition, the 24-year-old said she wanted to help redeem marijuana’s image worldwide.

“It was inspired by Canada’s recent legalization of cannabis but most importantly to end the stigma globally in hopes to spark more research for medicinal purposes,” Boston wrote on Instagram.

The costume portion of the annual Miss Universe pageant is designed to highlight unique and often quirky aspects of the participating countries. Past Canadian contestants have dressed as everything from a Mountie to the Stanley Cup.

Boston brushed aside concerns about highlighting cannabis during an international competition — featuring numerous countries where the drug is illegal — saying it’s important she used her platform.

“It’s a little different for a beauty queen to talk about cannabis,” Boston told the Windsor Star ahead of the competition. “It’s something that we’re very proud of here in Canada. It’s a brand new industry, and there’s a lot of potential that we see in the future.”

Canada is one of the first countries in the world to legalize recreational cannabis use. Well over a dozen others have legalized its medicinal use.

Unfortunately, Boston’s cannabis look didn’t yield high results. Miss Philippines, Gazini Ganados, won the costume contest, and Miss South Africa, Zozibini Tunzi, was crowned the new Miss Universe.

While Boston did not place in the pageant, her look certainly raises the bar for creativity. Next year’s Miss Universe Canada will have her work cut out for her.

Our suggestions? Winter construction, Celine Dion’s entire discography or maybe the Toronto Raptors’ NBA championship trophy.

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