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Moose Ends Up In Idaho Family's Basement, Requires Several Officers To Get It Out

One of the giant animals ended up in a family's basement.

You may be tempted to dub this a Canadian story, but it actually happened in the United States.

A family in Hailey, Idaho found a moose in their basement Sunday morning, the Hailey Police Department told

The female moose had fallen into a three-foot-deep window well and pushed her way through the window into the home. She wasn’t hurt.

“They put some furniture and mattresses around the room to kind of keep the moose enclosed in one area of the basement,” Hailey Lt. Steve England told the website.

Authorities, including police, county deputies and conservation officers, attempted to herd the cow up the stairs. But she wasn’t interested, according to Idaho Fish and Game Magic Valley, and charged them multiple times.

An Idaho Fish and Game worker sedated the giant creature, who calmed down next to a giant Bob Marley wall hanging, The Washington Post noted.

Heavy snow has brought the animals closer to humans in search of food, according to the Blaine County Sheriff.

She was carried outside and woken up, according to

But this isn't the first time this has happened in the city. Last winter, a female elk fell in a home's window well and broke the window, greeting its owner in the basement around 2 a.m.

"Sr. Conservation officer Alex Head was hoping that was a once-in-career event that he would have to respond to," Idaho Fish and Game officials wrote.

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