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Morrissey Slams Prince William And Harry For 'Obsession' With Killing Animals

Morrissey, former singer for the 80?s alternative rock band The Smiths, performs onstage at the Sovereign Performing Arts Center on Friday, Jan. 18, 2013, in Reading, Pa. (Photo by Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP)
Morrissey, former singer for the 80?s alternative rock band The Smiths, performs onstage at the Sovereign Performing Arts Center on Friday, Jan. 18, 2013, in Reading, Pa. (Photo by Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP)

Morrissey has rarely backed away from a chance at criticizing Britain's Royal Family. On Friday the singer again slammed Prince Harry and Prince William, saying he despises the two for their "obsession with killing animals."

In a wide ranging interview with Vegan Logic, and reported by fan site, Morrissey set his sights on the two in responding to a question about his song "The Bullfighter Dies" from his new album "World Peace Is None Of Your Business."

"There is, in face, no such thing as bullfighting, because no one actually fights with a bull," he said. "There are bullmurders, but not bullfights. It's similar to those who call themselves hunters, yet they are armed to the teeth with weaponry that gives them an absurdly childish advantage over the animal. The so-called hunter doesn't even come within close range of the animal. Everything is done from a safe distance.

"This is why I despise people like Prince William and Prince Harry who have a paranoid obsession with killing animals. They are so typical of the stupidly cruel killers who never actually get their hands dirty. They are both absolute pests."

Morrissey, who earlier this year called Prince William a "thickwit," later criticized the two in answer to a question about violence being a "cultural style" that is male-dominated.

"This again is why I despise Prince William and Prince Harry," he said. "There's a crackdown on possession of firearms in England, but the only people we ever see with guns are the stupid Royals, yet nobody says anything! I think violence is ingrained into our societies because of the abattoir or slaughterhouses, and we usually find that however a person is allowed to treat animals is also the way they feel entitled to treat humans."

The singer also spoke about various political systems as being absurd.

"Electing the least of a hideous bunch always leads us to precisely the same unhappy place," he said. "The idea of a single President or Prime Minister is ludicrous to me, because you are absolutely giving the divine right to a single individual to do what they please to other living beings, and to define rights and wrongs, and to carry out such dealings away from any public scrutiny. Consequently, in the Middle East there never seems to be enough blood. The human race has grown more nervous, not less, under the current regimes, and elected political parties persistently show themselves to want nothing to do with the people once they get the public vote."

Morrissey also touched on the situation in Syria and the plane "attack" in Malaysia as how "civilian murders don't actually matter at all" with governments.

"We all see how civilian deaths do not register with world leaders unless a loss of oil or gas is involved, and suddenly there's no question of military intervention," the singer said. "The so-called Security Forces cause the most trouble and the most deaths throughout the world -- Ferguson in the USA is a perfect current example -- and the problem is that the Security Forces are beyond prosecution. Because of this, nonviolent protest is always deliberately made to become violent by Security Forces so that the political issues are overshadowed by the news of the violence instead, and this absolutely never fails. So, instead of hearing why the people are taking to the streets in peaceful resistance, we are told of how several policemen were hurt in violent clashes, and this alone becomes the news story, and the plight of the people is ignored. The last thing Security Forces ever want is peaceful protest because then the anti-government message is being aired and heard as loud as a bell."

Although not spending much time on his recent dispute and label woes with Harvest, Morrissey said the label may end up regretting the decision. "Now, I think, other bands will be reluctant to sign to Harvest because of how Harvest has treated me," he said. "The vanity or ego of a label can also destroy a label rather than make it appear to be in control."

Morrissey's big mouth has been striking a lot lately. Late last month, the singer criticized the media's coverage of Robin Williams' suicide while the death of Lauren Bacall received far less coverage.

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