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Most Expensive 'Cottages' For Sale In Canada (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Wildest, Most Expensive 'Cottages' For Sale In Canada
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Cottage season officially launches this month, and with that in mind, HuffPost decided to take a look at the most outrageously luxurious, expensive cottages on the market these days.

There is no end of private beaches, landscaped waterfalls and sometimes tacky "rustic" interior design to be found at the top end of Canada's cottage market, though of course it will cost you.

But maybe not as much as it would have a few years ago. The recent slowdown in house sales has hit particularly hard in some of the country's most opulent weekend getaway destinations, such as the Muskoka lake country north of Toronto and Whistler in British Columbia, where high-end houses often have been sitting on the market for months if not years.

Whistler seems to have been especially hit hard, with condos there dropping in value by half, though the higher end of its market is seeing a little bounce lately.

And the cottage country north of Toronto was suffering from a stagnant market since the 2008 financial crisis, even before this spring's flooding washed out any hope for recovery.

All the same, these so-called country "cottages" are sights to behold, and they don't come cheap. Here are some of the wildest, most expensive cottages for sale this spring:

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