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These Are The Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants In Canada, According To Instagram

If you hate people taking pictures of food, these are the places to avoid.

Now more than ever, Canadians love eating at restaurants — and if Instagram is any evidence of it, they love taking pictures of what's on their plates, too.

After all, what better addition can be made to your social media feed than you, having a blast, eating something delicious?

As the Globe and Mail recently noted, more and more restaurants are creating "dishes that photograph well and encourage a performance, designed to create buzz that reaches far beyond the envious diners at the next table."

There's the Ziggy Stardust Disco Egg at La Banane in Toronto, over-the-top milkshakes at The Street Eatery in Calgary, and the sundae surprise for two at Vancouver's Ebo. We've even been asked if we'd like to take a picture before the server starts tossing our salad (looking at you, Susur Lee).

But the question that's crossed our mind more than once is exactly which restaurants are getting all the 'gram love, and fortunately, in honour of Canada 150, the social media giant has the answers for us.

Take a look at the most Instagrammed restaurants across Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. Whether it's because of what's on the menu or the spot's iconic status, here's where you'll find people scrolling through filters and getting the best 'gram possible.


Sky 360 Restaurant

Why? The view.


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National on 10th

Why? It's hella fun.

@wmcinnes rollin. Bowling brings me deep joy, you guys.

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Why? Those tasty looking milkshakes, of course.

Priorities when moving to a new city: finding the top food spots 👌🏻

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Why? We're going to go with beer. Lots and lots of beer.

Celebrating the first day of summer with some awesome people! @wurstcalgary #beers #yyc #firstdayofsummer

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Ranchman's Cookhouse and Dancehall

Why? Two words: Bucking. Bronco.

May be the worst bull rider ever. #hitthefloor

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Añejo Restaurant

Just look at that bar.

On Tuesday's we drink Tequila! 💀❤️ #tequilatuesday

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Duchess Bake Shop

Why? Lattes and macarons and scones, oh my!

Tea time @duchessbakeshop #ExploreEdmonton

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Why? That classic banana cream pie.

Banana cream pie, good enough to wash down the bison chilli 👌🏻🐷🍴#yeg #foodie #dessertporn

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Julio's Barrio Whyte

Why?Everyone in sombreros!

Adventures of friends and neighbours who left the yard that one time.

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Why? Perfect places to pose.

Tres Carnales Taquería

Why? It's got to be the food.

2017June21 #besttacoever #tacos #taco #sogood #yum

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Why? Who can resist those bookshelves?



Why? Canadian icon.

There's a reason Montreal is so famous for this #nomishment #smokedmeat

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Why? Because gluttonous poutine and Montreal go hand-in-hand.

Why? Indoor greenery for the win.

Found my favorite cafe. Too cute. 😍🌱

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Why? There's a ferris wheel. And flaming drinks.

Jeudredi you know it 🍸🍺

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Olive et Gourmando

Why? Just look at those chalkboards.

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Deville Dinerbar

Why? Those oh-so-stackable dishes

Poutine isn't my thing.. the little foodie in me just died.. #nomoremeat #ahituna #loveonaplate

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Momofuku Noodle Bar

Why? What else are you supposed to do when you get to the ramen mecca?

Why? Hyper-topped ice creams — and walls created to be Instagram backdrops

Bless your mouth.

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Why? The decor speaks for itself

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Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

Why? Once you've put in your time in line, you need to document the results


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Why? Drake


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Why? Beautiful-looking carbs (and patio space)

A rare photo of twins @beyonce 🐝📷: @wyauu

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Medina Cafe

Why? Put so many eggs on it

Why? Beautifully composed, perfect sushi

Black+Blue by Glowbal Group

Why? Gluttony never looked so good

Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House

Why? Oysters with a view

Nero Belgium Waffle Bar

Why? Because whipped cream makes everything look delicious.

How's your diet going?

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