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The Most Popular Holiday Toys Kids Are Wishing For In 2020

Buy one of these and you'll have the best under tree.

This holiday season, we’re thankful that spirit of love and generosity that so many of us cherish is still very much alive. We imagine many families, parents, and caregivers are too, and may want to double down on that joy by giving something the youngest people in their lives won’t stop talking about.

To help make your holiday shopping easier, HuffPost Canada rounded up the most popular toys from major Canadian retailers, at a range of price points and suitable for kids of diverse ages, in this handy gift guide.

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The Hottest Holiday Toys Of 2020

This adorable talking Baby Yoda can use the Force, should your little one tap its head three times. Get it at Amazon.

Raising a Youtube or TikTok star-in-the-making? This chart-topping toy comes with green screen options and its own video-editing interface. Get it at Toys ‘R’ Us.

Everyone’s favourite Italian plumber has a tactile adventure with this building set. Get it at Mastermind Toys.

She shoots, she scores! The perfect gift for kids missing their early morning hockey practices. Get it at Toys ‘R’ Us.

This huggable plush can have full conversations with growing babies, with a “babble mode” for those chats that are too intellectual for grown-up ears. Get it at Wal-Mart.

The affordable version of the Nintendo Switch has ergonomic built-in controls and can play any game the original can. Get it at Best Buy.

Balance toys are perfect for kids looking to burn off energy, learn basic motor skills, or explore how their bodies and kinetic motion work. Get it at

Kid loves borrowing your phone for photos app? This toddler-proof camera will keep your screen from shattering. Get it from Amazon.

Slime isn’t the only texture obsession anymore: This variety pack and its snapping, stretchy substances are a sensory delight. Get it at Wal-Mart.

Grown-ups who grew up with the spinning tops at recess will feel vindicated by the enduring popularity of this franchise. Get it at Toys ‘R’ Us Canada.

Many retailers are already out-of-stock of this smart train set, which lets kid operators control switches and watch beloved characters chat on the tracks. Get it from Amazon.

Ikea’s collaboration with LEGO comes in a box that grown-ups will appreciate aesthetically, kids practically, as it double as a surface to build their creative structures on. Get it at Ikea.

This spinning fairy can fly and uses detection technology to follow hands around. Get it at Mastermind Toys.

Easy tasks become hilarious spectacles in this family game that uses a pair of “upside-down goggles.” Get it at JR Toy.

Making video games can be easy as playing them, thanks to this kit that turns drawings into actual games that run off your mobile device. Get it at Mastermind Toys.

For the young gearheads out there, this car can race on walls and ceilings thanks to an LED controller. Get it at Toys ‘R’ Us.

Parents can leave this stackable toy out, as it makes for a gorgeous accent piece when kids aren’t building highways, towers, and bridges. Get it at

These affordable dolls make a great stocking stuffer or a valuable present for the serious collector. Get it at Toys ‘R’ Us.

Raising the next Shawn Mendes? Let them belt their hearts out with this microphone machine, which comes with a disco ball for portable partying. Get it at Mastermind Toys.

This “Blue’s Clues” toy can help kids learn when it’s time for bathroom and bedtime routines, with Blue’s adorable barks to help out. Get it at

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