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Most Popular Fashion Trends Of 2013

Another year, another list of trends to reflect on. But let’s face it: This year was at no loss for character, with the most popular fashion trends of 2013 differing vastly, and appealing to audiences who couldn’t have less in common.

Fashion isn’t supposed to offer a uniform, it’s supposed to offer options; a chance to create a unique aesthetic that reflects you, only you, and, aside from maybe the cast of "Twin Peaks," nobody else.

That’s why 2013 was so welcome. Powder pink found itself alongside leather and biker boots; crop tops went hand-in-hand with oversize "Home Alone" coats. This year was interesting, and it left room for interpretation. Here’s hoping we get this lucky in 2014.

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Most Popular Fashion Trends Of 2013

1. Leather

We know leather is a staple of the fashion world, but 2013 saw the bar raised when everything from leather suits to leather shorts to leather tops were seen, well, everywhere. (And thank goodness.) It’s a fabric with staying power, it commands attention, and it can anchor an airy, overly feminine outfit – so don’t be surprised if it sticks around in 2014 (because without it, who even are we?).

2. Pink

Pink was present in the Spring 2013 collections (particularly in floral prints), but it wasn’t until the Fall/Winter 2013 collections did the tone arrive, proving its versatility with coats (pastel especially), suits (seen at Pink Tartan), and dresses. Perhaps pink is the new black – or at least a fast way to brighten up and instill hope into a dark, winter wardrobe.

3. Slogan Sweaters

Less a staple of the runway than that of street style, slogan sweaters were still a major part of 2013’s fashion tapestry – especially since designers like Diane Von Furstenberg helped balance the more throw-away styles seen at chains like Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters. Will they stick around for 2014? Safe to say yes: Aimee Song of the style blog SongofStyle just launched her own collection for, so we may as well wrap ourselves in words and make room in our wardrobes.

4. Black And White

Despite the starkness of a black and white outfit, the colour (or tone) combination was big for Spring 2013 before going on to infiltrate Fall/Winter. Almost all of Escada’s Fall collection was in one of the two shades, while designers like Derek Lam, Proenza Schouler, and Tommy Hilfiger made winter white a collection staple. Suffice to say, you can take this trend in the next (million) years: It’s a safe way to stay on-point while still giving yourself enough room to interpret the tones your own way.

5. Statement Sunglasses

The fact that sunglasses used to be “standard” or “boring” seems impossible (though we think the two years everybody wore nothing but Ray-Bans might come close), especially since sunglasses boasting bright colours, bold frames, and vintage inspiration populated 2013. Essentially, if the sunglasses of this year had to be defined by a song, it would be the ‘90s dance hit, “No Limits.” There were none. There should never be any. So here’s hoping 2014 is just as interesting.

6. Short Suits

Sure, we all laughed at the lawyer in "Jurassic Park" with his pleated shorts and matching blazer (who gets eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex), but we had to stop this spring when collections by Helmut Lang and Rihanna x River Island offered an alternative to the tired office uniform. After all, it makes sense: Why do all business suits have to involve a skirt or pleated pants? This was 2013, damn it. Sunglasses are fun now.

7. Oversize Coats

Perhaps it’s our need to cocoon after a snowfall, but Fall/Winter 2013/2014 was rich in cozy, oversize coats, arguably reminiscent of the styles our moms wore in the early 1990s. Through these looks, designers like Mulberry reminded us about the importance of practicality; proving that while looking awesome is important, so is not freezing to death for the sake of wearing a trendy bomber made for spring temperatures.

8. Preppy And Academic

Fall is usually renowned for at least a few academically influenced styles, but spring also saw an influx thanks to the likes of Michael Kors who designed a collection based around the Hamptons. Unsurprisingly, Tommy Hilfiger did the same, offering structured pieces in bright colours and prints (see: stripes) based around travel, yachting, and dreaming about both.

9. Crop Tops

The ‘90s were back (we say every year), and while this trend certainly isn’t for everybody, designers like Balenciaga got on board alongside, say, Miley Cyrus, who made the trend her go-to look. Will they return next year? We all know the answer to that – considering "The O.C." is becoming as romanticized as the ‘90s, we’re only a few months away from channeling the crop tops of Melissa Cooper circa season 1.

10. Metallic-Embellished Boots

Perhaps to balance out the preppy-ness and pink of 2013, biker boots became equally sought after, especially thanks to their versatility and practicality. (Heels are great, but we know they’re a disaster in the snow, let’s face it.) Balenciaga opted for a more playful version of the original, while Steve Madden kept it relatively simple for their Fall/Winter 2013 line. Basically, you couldn’t go wrong: Black leather, metallic embellishment, and the desire to watch Sons of Anarchy. Even better? They look great with vintage fur.

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