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Mother's Day Gifts: Finding The Perfect Gift That Gives Back (PHOTOS)

Some moms are just born philanthropists. They volunteer their time helping out at nursing homes, they give us a box for donations during Halloween and they make sure we collect canned foods for food banks every year.

Mother's Day is a reminder to think about how much our moms have done for us throughout our lives. Whether it was taking us to school on early mornings or teaching us the basic skills on how to take care of others, the value of motherhood is felt all over the world -- no matter how much our families may vary.

And all of mom's hard work seems to be paying off, especially for us. Moms who encourage community involvement can help their kids get ahead. "Scholarships and other opportunities that reward volunteer experience feed into a positive loop of more opportunities, networking and open doors," according to Craig and Marc Kielburger of Free The Children.

This Mother's Day, we have 10 gift ideas to not only thank our moms, but to help other moms around the world too:

10 Gifts That Help Other Moms

For The Mom Who Loves To Ride

If your mom loves the feeling of wind blowing through her hair and saving money on gas, a new bike is probably the best idea. Starting at $500, when you buy a bike from KONAWORLD, they'll also send one to a city in Africa.

For The Mom Who Is Trying To Save Paper

For some women, water is life's most precious and scare resource. On Mother's Day, buying an e-card through, starting at $25, could supply a person with safe water for life and allow you to create a personalized message for your own mom.

For The Mom With A Sweet Tooth

Our mothers have always told us to eat our fruits and vegetables. This year, let her share her message with other kids who need it. Through Plan Canada, you can buy 10 mango trees for school gardening programs for $100.

For The Mom Who Loved To Send Us To School

If your mom spent most of her years dragging you out of bed or reminding you about your 9 a.m. exam, this gift is the perfect way to give back. For $50, you can supply an entire classroom with everything from pencils to notebooks.

Supply A Classroom, Available through World Vision, $50.

For The Artistic Mom Who Loves To Collect Things

Your mom's house reminds you of an antique shop or a museum, so why not get her something else to add to her collection? This $100 bronze sculpture is crafted by artisans in West Africa and ensures artists get fair payment for their work.

For The Mom Who Loves To Accessorize

For moms who love to spend money on accessories, this pink beaded bracelet is another option. For $50, these Pamoja bracelets are hand-crafted and made for Mother's Day, with all proceeds going directly back to artists around the globe.

For The Mom Who Loves Giving Back

Our mothers brought us into this world, but not all moms have safe and healthy environments in which to do so. Birthing kits help moms across the globe have clean and safe pregnancies, and this package by The Birthing Kit Foundations, helps women understand clean birthing practices.

For The Mom Who Bought You Your First Pet

Moms have been known to take all of our nagging when it comes to buying us puppies and ponies -- which is why a flock of chicks is the perfect gift that gives back. With donations starting at $20 to Heifer International, families from Cameroon to the Caribbean can add eggs to their diets.

For The Mom Who Needs To Remember Her Dates

If your mom is still against any type of technological advancement for the calender, then the good old printed version is perfect for her. Outdated gift? Not when it can give back. Anytime you buy a calender, greeting card or small boxes from Seva, all funds go back to helping people restoring eyesight and preventing blindness.

For The Mom That Loves Options

Some moms are just too picky. In some cases, this works. At, your mom (and you) can both lend a minimum of $25 to organizations of your choice that are looking to change lives in their communities -- including choosing women-owned businesses.

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