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Motion 312: How MPs And Ministers Voted


Tory MP Stephen Woodworth's Motion 312 to study the definition of human life was defeated in the House of Commons Wednesday night, with MPs voting 203 to 91 against.

Of the 91 MPs who voted for the the motion, 87 were Conservative and four Liberal. The NDP voted unanimously against.

Among those 87 Tories were 10 ministers (junior ministers included). Jason Kenney, Rona Ambrose, Peter Van Loan, Julian Fantino, Gerry Ritz, Gail Shea, Ed Fast, Peter Penashue, Diane Ablonczy and Alice Wong all voted for the motion.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper voted against.

Liberal MPs John McKay, Lawrence MacAulay, Kevin Lamoureux and Jim Karygiannis also voted for the motion.

Some notable Tory ministers were absent from the vote: Public Safety Minister Vic Toews and Minister Of National Resources Joe Oliver.

Both ministers oppose abortion, according to the Campaign Life Coalition, a group which keeps a listing of positions on the issue.

In total, 10 MPs were absent from the vote.

You can see the full list on how MPs voted below.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated that 14 MPs were absent from the vote. House Speaker Andrew Scheer was in the chair and therefore did not vote and three seats are currently unfilled. 10 MPs were actually absent from the vote.

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