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Motorcyclist Helps Stuck Woman, Makes Canada Look Awesome (VIDEO)

A Victoria, B.C., motorcyclist's video of a random act of kindness is making Canada look awesome.

"How We Do A Drive-By In Canada" was posted to YouTube last week, but went viral after being posted on LiveLeak, where it now has around 900,000 views.

The clip taken with a helmet-mounted GoPro camera shows the man behind the RideVictoria YouTube channel stopping to help a woman stuck on the sidewalk on her mobility scooter.

RideVictoria's YouTube page says he's a "family friendly Motovlogger" who rides on "pavement, dirt, rock and mud telling stories, relating experiences from that day or just taking you someplace that you probably would never see otherwise."

The clip is getting Canadian-style kindness noticed all over the world, with the video appearing on MSN and the Gawker network.

Well-deserved praise for a man who just wants to "encourage people to take a moment to help out when an opportunity presents itself."

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