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Movember Moustache: Single Women Find Clean-Shaven Men More Attractive, Survey Finds


There's stubble, whiskers and full-on beards on men's faces during the month of November — but is it really a turn on?

According to a new survey by, moustaches aren't exactly a hot-ticket item, and some facial hair is better others. The survey found that 62 per cent of single Canadian women find clean-shaven men the most attractive, followed by men with a little stubble. The 'stache only brought in 8 per cent of the vote — not too impressive.

But the survey found that a man's facial hair also somehow predicted his dating personality. Dating someone who was clean-shaven probably meant there'd be no sex on the first date, and a gentleman with a goatee is more likely to spend at least $80 on the first date, the survey found.

Not too long ago, staches' were the thing and for some women today, they still are. Men known for their upper lip facial hair include actor Tom Selleck, wrestler Hulk Hogan and even porn star Ron Jeremy.

In 2009, a U.K.-led study found that women preferred men with a little stubble for love, sex and marriage, according to The Telegraph. Women found that men with facial hair appeared more aggressive, mature and were better romantic partners.

The study found that bearded men or the "shy guy" had the worst luck with love: they were least likely to have sex in 2011 and only 16 per cent of them have asked a woman out in the past year. We're not too sure about this one, though, since Ryan Gosling proved that beards could be sexy after a March study claimed that women didn't find men with beards attractive at all, according to the Daily Mail.

IS THIS ALL TRUE?: More findings from the survey and the celebrities that we think probably do (and don't) fit the findings — bring on the hair!

Does The 'Stache Turn You On?

Clean-Shaven: Ryan Reynolds

The survey found that 50 per cent of clean-shaven men were the traditional sort, believing that the man should pay for the first date.

Our Celeb Inspiration: Ryan Reynolds

Clean Shaven: John Cho

The survey found that the majority of clean-shaven men (65 per cent) also believe sex on the first date is a no-no.

Our Celeb Inspiration: John Cho

Goatee: Will Smith

Survey respondents with goatees said they were more likely to hook up on the first date — at least 75 per cent of men with goatees had experienced one-night stands.

Our Celeb Inspiration: Will Smith

Goatee: John Stamos

Men with goatees apparently have a bit of a wild streak — they were also most likely to have an office romance.

Our Celeb Inspiration: John Stamos

Beards: Aziz Ansari

Is the facial hair holding them back? Survey respondents who were bearded were least likely to have asked someone out in the last year.

Our Celeb Inspiration: Aziz Ansari

Beards: George Clooney

Not surprisingly, the survey also dubbed bearded men as "shy guys" — though there's nothing shy about men like George Clooney.

Our Celeb Inspiration: George Clooney

5 O'Clock Shadow: John Hamm

Men with a stubble (at least 85 per cent of them) are most likely to experience love at first sight.

Our Celeb Inspiration: John Hamm

5 O'Clock Shadow: Michael Ealy

The survey found that over one-third of stubbly Canadian men do not drink alcohol on a first date.

Our Celeb Inspiration: Michael Ealy

Moustache: Johnny Depp

Canadian men with moustaches thought sex on the first date was "appropriate."

Our Celeb Inspiration: Johnny Depp

Moustache: James Franco

Moustached singles are more likely than any other men to kiss before the say good night — which we think is pretty cute.

Our Celeb Inspiration: James Franco

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