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Moving To Canada Won't Be Easy For Anti-Obama Crowd

Angry About Obama? Moving To Canada Won't Be Easy

Canada, however, may not be too eager to let them in, judging from their apparent lack of knowledge about their northern neighbour's socialized medicine scheme, legal gay marriage and small military. Those disaffected Americans may also have a tough time navigating the bureaucratic maze that stands between them and citizenship.


The first step to Canadian citizenship is getting a permanent resident card, the Canadian equivalent of the American green card. There are many programs that lead to permanent residency, but you will either need desirable skills, a plan and the money to start a business, or family already in Canada. An Obama presidency probably won't make for a good refugee claim, the other path to gaining residency.

Some applicants for residency will also have to undergo a medical exam. Canada has free public health care and avoids letting in anyone with an ailment that might put undue strain on the system.

After getting residency, you must live in Canada for at least three years in the four years before you apply for citizenship. You will also need to know one of the two official languages, English or French, and pass a citizenship test on Canada's "government, history, symbols and geography," according to the country's Citizenship and Immigration department.

After learning the facts necessary to pass this test, if you still think Canada is the right destination to escape Obama's communist junta then you may want to see a doctor regarding your dysfunctional sense of irony.

And even if you think you've checked off all the boxes, you may find "Canada won't want you," Henry Chang, an immigration lawyer at Blaney McMurtry in Toronto, told Forbes. Getting residency "was always harder than many people thought," Chang said.

Stephen Saideman, a political scientist at Carleton University, told Discovery News anyone who wants to flee an Obama presidency would "probably say never mind, it's not worth it."

Canada is pretty awesome, but if you're looking to escape gay marriage, lax marijuana laws and government-run health care, you may want to consider other options.

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