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Much, MTV Canada Cuts: '1 Girl, 5 Gays,' 'After Degrassi' Among Cancelled Shows

Much, MTV Canada Axe Multiple TV Shows
MTV Canada

Bell Media, the parent company of Much (formerly MuchMusic), MTV Canada, M3 and other specialty channels, has laid off almost 100 employees and cancelled at least eight in-house-produced TV shows.

Bell Media spokesperson Amy Doary confirmed to HuffPost TV Canada via email that 91 positions were terminated, all part of a plan announced by parent company BCE Inc. to cut 120 jobs from Bell Media's Toronto work force due to "financial pressure" in its advertising and subscription TV services.

The following in-house productions have ceased: "1 Girl, 5 Gays," "After Degrassi," "Losing It," "Movie Night," "MTV News," "Today's Top 10s," "Video On Trial," and "The Wedge." CTV, Much, M3, MTV, Space, and E! were all affected.

As a result of these changes, three well-known Much/MTV/E! personalities were let go: former "So You Think You Can Dance Canada" host Leah Miller, VJ and host Lauren Toyota, and Much VJ and personality Scott Willats.

Some in-house productions were spared from cancellation: "Countdown" on Much, "M3 Countdown," "Daily Planet," "ETalk," "InnerSpace," "Marilyn Denis Show," and "The Social." These shows will continue, as they are revenue drivers with established audiences. Bell Media's specialty channels will also continue to use personalities for interviews and fresh interstitial content for their audience.

Including all of its TV channels and radio stations, Bell Media has about 2,400 employees in the Toronto area and about 6,500 staff in total across Canada.

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