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LOOK: Your Body And Your Rights Belong To You -- Beautifully
Amnesty International

Striking photos that highlight the struggle to gain sexual and reproductive freedom around the world were released this week by Amnesty International.

The photos feature body paintings by 20-year-old Tokyo-based artist, Hikaru Cho. According to Amnesty International, the artwork is meant to emphasize the fact that everyone has the right to make decisions about their health, live free from rape and other violence, chose whether and when to have children, and who to marry.

Launching around the world just before International Women’s Day, Cho’s incredible 3D paintings depict messages about violence against women, marriage equality and the right to use contraception.

In one painting, Cho paints a stack of books on a man’s back to signify the universal right to education for everyone. In another, a person's face broken into two pieces shows the right to choose your partner and determine your own sexual orientation.

Online, the hashtag #mybodymyrights has drawn substantial attention, with plenty of like-minded individuals throwing support behind the campaign:

Along with the photographs, Amnesty International also has a website dedicated to the campaign. The site encourages visitors to sign a petition, asking for world leaders and United Nations representatives to prioritize the health and human rights of young people.

Check out the photographs of Cho’s amazing artwork below:

Amnesty International
"You have the right to choose your partner. This includes your right to determine your own sexual orientation and gender identity."
Amnesty International
"You have the right to know and learn about your body, sexual health and relationships."
Amnesty International
"You have the right to sexual and reproductive health service — including contraception."
Amnesty International
"You have the right to choose if — or when — you have children. You are free to decide the number and spacing and timing of any children."

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