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My Curves Have No Bounds: Plus-Size Men Of The Body Positivity Movement

These men are breaking free from so-called "plus-size" rules.

These days, the term "body positivity" is not only in our vocabulary, but it is truly a buzzword being used often.

Plus-size women have come a long way, and although we still have challenges to face, we are definitely moving in the right direction.

With all of the support that our community has received over recent years, there is still not the same widespread support for plus-sized men. Although we are happy to celebrate as plus-size women, we need to keep in mind that "body positivity" is an inclusive term. It is a movement for all genders, races, orientations and sizes.

The embracing of plus-size men in the fashion industry is gaining some exciting momentum with more plus-sized male models being featured in campaigns. However, there are many brands that serve larger-sized clientele, but leave them feeling unrepresented in the advertising and styling of their collections.

Fortunately, incredible men across the world are working everyday to expand the acceptance of all body types. These men are breaking free from so-called "plus-size" rules and embracing a vast spectrum of aesthetics and styles. Below is a list of some of the influential men who identify as plus size and are leading the conversation about health at any size (and what that looks like).

By sharing their daily lives, opening up about their battles, and showcasing some incredible body positivity, we will continue to see this inspirational movement grow in the right direction.

Syed is one of the top plus-size men's fashion and lifestyle bloggers in Toronto. He recently shared his experience of "What It's Like To Be A Minority In Toronto's Fashion Industry" on Huffington Post Canada (this article is a must-read). He has been featured in some incredible body positive projects lately, giving plus-size men a voice in Canada and around the world.

Kelvin is a plus-size male model and menswear blogger at Notoriously Dapper. He is also an admin of the fantastic body-positive Instagram account, @effyourbeautystandards.

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Zach was the first model signed to IMG's recently launched plus-size model division, "Brawn." He shot to fame last year as Target's first ever plus-size model.

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Dexter is a plus male model, as well as a dancer, actor, choreographer and a nightlife host.

Erik is a dancer and choreographer who shut down body-shamers as he showed us his graceful moves, while promoting health at any size.

Claus is a male plus-size blogger at Extra Inches, as well as a plus-size model with CURVE Model Management.

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D.Ghramm is a blogger of all things fashion, lifestyle and good eats at his blog, "D.Ghramm." He is also a plus-size model, and the admin of the Instagram hashtag #plusmalefashion.

Troy (a.k.a. @abearnamedtroy on Instagram), is a plus-size model and actor, and is incredibly inspiring in the body positive movement. He is also an ambassador of the "Own Your Pride" campaign for Los Angeles Pride.

Alessandro runs the plus-size blog, Uomini Di Peso from Milan, and is all about body positivity and body love. He is the founder of the Instagram hashtag #PlusMensRevolution and is also an admin of the hashtag #bigandblunt.

Michael-Anthony is a Detroit-based blogger at "The Big Fashion Guy." He is "inspiring gentlemen of all sizes," with his extremely classy style.

Jonathan Acosta Abi Hassan is a plus-size blogger and model based out of South Florida. He covers topics from fashion, makeup and grooming, along with food and even some DIYs.

Francis runs the blog "Lee's Lookbook" and is inspiring men with his style and quotes like, "Take pride in your look. Whether it's a scar, a spot that's thinning or a few extra beer pounds, wear your style with confidence."

Mr. Franklin describes himself as "a musician at heart, and stylist by discovery." He not only shares his incredible style, but also tackles issues crucial to the men's body positive movement on his blog, "Good Boy Fashion."

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Dom is a plus-size style blogger at "It's Dom Clark," a photographer, and rocker of an insanely awesome handlebar moustache! Plus, he is now an official ambassador for "The Body Confidence Revolution."

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Bruce is the founder of "Chubstr," the successful website dedicated to life and style for big men. They inspire men to embrace any style they choose, regardless of size.

Riccardo is a Rome-based, plus-size men's style, beauty and lifestyle blogger at the blog, Guy Overboard. On his blog he discusses how even the more recent positive wording around the plus-size women's community isn't inclusive for plus-size men, and is challenging the conversation about health at any size for men.

Marquis showcases a continually shifting style, inspiring men of any size to wear what they love. He refers to himself as a "chubs in good outfits." I personally think "good" is an understatement.

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As a plus-size blogger at Darv Vader, he has incredible street style and is continuing to break all the rules and inspire men of all sizes that they can wear anything they want.

Every woman, with no exceptions, deserves to feel comfortable in her own body, and to believe that the world is made just as much for her as the next person. That's why with "My Curves Have No Bounds," we're going to get real and talk about our bodies, what we put on them, and how we feel about everything in between. We want to break down the barriers and outdated notions that plus-size women encounter everyday. So check back every other week for more from "My Curves Have No Bounds," by Amanda Montgomery of Latest Wrinkle.

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