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National Clean Off Your Desk Day: How To Keep Your Desk Tidy

Quick Study: How To Keep Your Desk Tidy

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If you notice your co-workers' desks looking a bit more organized today, they could be taking part in 'National Clean Off Your Desk Day,' a day to prioritize your tabletop first. We talked to professional organizer Nicki Parsons of Neat Organizers, on simple ways to keep your office and work space tidy.

"Cleaning your drawers every several months is a great way to de-clutter. You can put dividers in your drawers, use trays and designate one section for pens, pencils and Post-It notes -- this is the first step."

Here are Parson's other tips to keep your office space at home and at work organized:

Find Homes For Your Smaller Supplies

Tips To Tidy Your Desk


But before you get your Martha Stewart on, reporter Violet Owens of explains why it's important to keep our desks clean and sanitized in the first place.

Your desk may harbour 400 times more bacteria than -- wait for it -- the average toilet seat. Sixty four per cent of us clean these desktops once a month, or less. And before you get all judgey, think about it: How often do you really clean your desk, especially compared to say, your kitchen counters and dining room tables? Read the full post here.


And with your new and improved organized desk, make sure you keep your posture in mind for your overall health.

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