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New Circles Prom Boutique Helps Students Afford Prom (And Look Fabulous)

It'll be a night to remember.

Prom: it's the finale of your high school career. A night they say you'll remember forever.

So for that, you gotta look good, right? Right.

But we all know prom can get real expensive. The dress, the suit, the accessories, the corsage, the ticket to the dance — it can be a lot on the wallets of students and their families. Especially those from neighbourhoods where household poverty levels rank among the highest.

In the video above, HuffPost Canada visited New Circles Prom Boutique in Toronto, a free event that provides formal wear to students who are graduating from high school this year and live in a low-income household.

Briana, an 18-year-old hoping to find the perfect outfit for prom, loves the idea behind the store.

"It just gives you confidence to feel really pretty or really different for one day," she says..

“These kids leave with such a smile on their face," Elaine Rocca, prom chair committee for New Circles tells HuffPost Canada. "You can’t put a dollar value on it and it’s an important day for them, and you want them to feel special. That’s the key.”

For more from New Circles Prom Boutique, check out the video above!

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