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New Fashion Trends 2014: What Celebrities Will Be Wearing Next Year (PHOTOS)


Now that almost all of us are done looking back on 2013 (no one will top Beyoncé, so why even try), it’s time to look towards the future.

2014 is literally days away, and while the first few months will be defined by exactly what we’re wearing now, spring will be bright, printed, and distressed.

Here are the biggest looks of spring and summer, and the celebrities we assume will be wearing them. (So maybe start saving up for versions of them now – there’s so much room for interpretation it’s not even funny.)

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New Fashion Trends In 2014

1) Quirky Prints

We’ve seen dainty prints, feminine prints, and polka dots, but prints this year are a little bolder, bigger, louder, and actually exciting. Miu Miu’s prints range from flowers to cats, so here’s hoping "Downton Abbey" star Michelle Dockery (who was seen at their Spring 2014 show) will come clad in felines to dinner at Downton.

2) Bold Florals

Miranda Priestly’s thoughts on florals in spring are shared by all of us, obviously (“groundbreaking”), but like the rest of 2014’s prints, florals are bright, bold, and in contrast to the traditional style of seasons past. (Cue: collective cry of joy.) Christopher Kane’s looks are the perfect example: Not only does his collection include the anatomy of a flower but the print itself is on the more graphic side. Perfect for actress Kate Bosworth, who’s been seen in the brand before.

3) Pastels

Pastels are a part of our spring heritage, so let’s just embrace their contrast to the darker fall and winter colours. Light and frosting-toned, the colour scheme found its way into collections by the likes of Jonathan Saunders, who had socialite Olivia Palermo sitting front row (so expect her to pay tribute in some way come spring).

4) Metallics And Iridescent Fabrics

Meanwhile, to keep pastels from floating away, metallic and iridescent fabrics were showcased in equal measure, offering a texture not usually seen in spring. (Could this be the season of – gasp! – variety? Yes. God, yes.) Lanvin capitalized on this look with cocktail dresses, making us think this could be a great look for Jennifer Lawrence, who was seen in the brand earlier this year.

5) Logos

Logo shirts are in the house (please shout this, and also thank goodness because some of us just started wearing them). However, it’s not just shirts: Logos on skirts, dresses, and even a glove were seen on the runway, so you can make like DKNY and Kelly Osbourne (who was seen at the show, and who could pull off a logo-clad anything, honestly), and cover yourself in a name that’s not yours.

6) Crop Tops

They were big for 2013, they were big in the ‘90s, and now they’re big for spring 2014: Crop tops – yes, crop tops (the enemy of those of us who can’t wear crop tops) – were seen in shows by 3.1 Phillip Lim and Tracy Reese, and look to stick around until autumn. As for who we can bank on wearing them? Miley Cyrus certainly made them her trademark this past year, and considering she can wear them well, they’ll likely keep circulating in her wardrobe.

7) Bermuda Shorts

Spring 2014’s Bermuda shorts follow 2013’s business-oriented lead thanks to the prints and crisp fabrics seen in collections by the likes of Mulberry. Paired with a button-up and knee-length matching jacket (worn on the runway by Cara Delevingne), they’re a far cry from the denim styles we saw in the early 2000s (and thank all of the gods). So who can we see wearing them? Alexa Chung absolutely, who’s already a Mulberry brand darling, and who’s defined the polished tomboy aesthetic.

8) Distressed Fabrics

Meanwhile, in the world of less-than-formal wear, distressed styles return from their brief hiatus in collections by designers like Ashish, who defied the polished, groomed looks of the last few seasons and combined distressed denim and metallics. Could Rihanna wear something like this? Trick question, you guys, because of course: The woman not only has a history with distressed denim, she made wearing only a jersey look doable. (It’s not for all of us.)

9) Sheer

Spring 2014 marks the third year sheer fabrics show up, and whether they’re in iridescent form or as lace a la Burberry Prorsum’s Spring/Summer collection, you can't get away from a sheer blouse, dress, or tank top. Celebrity wise, last year both Alexa Chung and Chloe Moretz showed up in Simone Rocha on the red carpet, so perhaps we can expect one of them to adopt her sheer stylings of Spring 2014 as well.

10) Pleats

But don’t lose face, A-line skirt and peplum lovers: Pleats make a triumphant return this spring, with collections by Christian Dior returning to the classic silhouette for a clean, strong-lined season. As for who will adopt the look, we can safely assume anybody (it’s easily one of the most flattering styles available), but based on the front row, our money’s also on supermodel Natalia Vodianova and of course, Olivia Palermo.

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