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New Heritage Minute Looks At Toronto's Kensington Market (Video)

It's the 88th entry in the series.

Historica Canada's latest Heritage Minute is out, and it sure looks different.

That's because the 88th entry in the series, which highlights notable parts of Canada's culture and history, is the first to be animated.

Historica Canada produced the minute with Global Mechanic, which completed work on the animation at its Vancouver studio.

The minute, embedded above, zeroes in on a single store in Toronto's Kensington Market as it evolves over five decades. The area was built as a a residential neighbourhood, but its Victorian homes were changed to stores through the 20th century, morphing it into the diverse, bustling market it is today.

In a press release, Historica Canada highlights Chaskel Goldlist, an immigrant who opened up a kosher poultry shop in the market. His grandson, Michael, wrote the script for the minute.

Tom Mihalik, the owner of Tom's Place — the store that used to be Goldlist's poultry shop — narrates the clip.

'The market became home'

"Each arrival added a piece to the patchwork of our bustling bazaar," Mihalik says. "Over time, faces and languages changed. But the spirit of our village inside the city remained.

"See, it didn't matter where you were from. The market became home."

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