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New Kate Middleton Portrait Reportedly Excites Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge

This Is The Latest (Unofficial) Portrait Of Kate

A former Canadian resident was excited to discover his colourful portrait of the Duchess Of Cambridge may be heading to Will and Kate's household.

Tom Sutton-Smith, a former Winnipegger, retired advertising directer and lifelong artist says he painted an "alternative" portrait of the Duchess as a response to a Facebook group set up after the official 2013 portrait of Kate received "mixed reviews."

Sutton-Smith says he created the painting without a commission and had no intention of sharing it, until he found out his friend, Glenys Andrews, was setting up an art exhibit in Scotland at which the Duke and Duchess would both be in attendance.

"A gift was required for the royal couple, and Glenys remembered my portrait and thought it to be appropriate," he told the Huffington Post Canada.

Alternative portrait by Tom Sutton-Smith

Upon looking at the close-up portrait of his wife's face, Prince William said, "Wow! Brilliant!" He also said he planned on hanging the painting in their home.

"The duchess herself, she stretched her hands out to hold the painting and held it for quite some time," Sutton-Smith said in an interview with the CBC.

Kate's first official portrait, by Paul Emsley, didn't have quite the same reception, at least from the public. The artist said he tried to show Kate's natural side, but some art critics were disappointed, while others called it "open and pure," according to the BBC.

Original portrait by Paul Emsley

Sutton-Smith's isn't the first fan-made portrait of the Duchess, but let's just say you won't be seeing any of the others vying for a spot on Will and Kate's walls anytime soon.

In this portrait, Sutton-Smith said he wanted to create something youthful, rather than serious and too old. Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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