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New York Times Tweet About Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Coming To Canada Gets Roasted

Please never imply Canada lacks "razzle dazzle."

Twitter users wasted no time mocking the New York Times after their account posted a pretty out-of-touch tweet about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s potential Canada move.

“Many Canadians are giddy at the prospect that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be moving to Canada, injecting some razzle dazzle to the sprawling, bone-chillingly cold country,” read the tweet, accompanied by a link to the article, “Could ‘Megxit’ Be a Royal Fairy Tale for Canada?”

Many Canadians were quick to respond.

Canadians were unimpressed with the implication that they were “giddy” about the royals moving countries during a week where the nation was dealing with the tragic loss of 138 people bound for Canada, including 57 citizens, after the Iranian military admitted “human error” caused a passenger plane to be hit with a missile, killing everyone on board.

Also, the implication that Canada needed more “razzle dazzle?” Offensive. We have plenty of razzle dazzle. We bleed razzle dazzle.

Furthermore, it’s really rich of the NYT to refer to Canada as “bone-chillingly cold” when the climate between New York City and the location of 90 per cent of Canadians is … pretty similar.

Canadian public figures, including actor Ryan Reynolds and Toronto Mayor John Tory, weighed in.

This isn’t the first time the NYT has goofed about Canada. It’s actually starting to become a pattern.

There was this weird idea that Canadians were calling cannabis legalization day “C-Day” which … didn’t happen.

The newspaper was also responsible for the offensive implication that Ottawa’s historic Byward Market became less boring after it got a Wine Rack, of all things.

On a more serious note, a recent piece about life up north in Inuit communities got shredded for being predictable, disrespectful and “poverty and trauma porn.”

Can the New York Times please talk to more Canadians?

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