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New York Times Story On Newfoundland's Dildo Uses An Interesting Graphic

It definitely gets the, uh, point across.

There's a small village in Newfoundland and Labrador with a much-ballyhooed name, Dildo. Some people find it wildly hilarious because, well, dildo.

The New York Times took notice of Dildo recently, and on Monday shared a short profile on the tiny community of 1,200 residents.

The headline: "Proud to Live in a Town Called Dildo."

The image:


Reaction to the graphic was mixed. Some followers of the multi-Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper of record weren't sure if this was actually the paper or a parody account.

Others found it, as you might imagine, wildly hilarious.

The story touches on the village name's origins as well as its "Dildo Days" festival, which celebrates its fishing and whaling background.

It also notes that townsfolk are so comfortable with the name they unleashed a "wave of harassment" in 1990 after an electrician made an effort to rename the community.

The Independent took note of this defence of Dildo in 1995, writing the town's name had become a "source of pride."

Even "Jeopardy!" champ Ken Jennings wrote about the village, writing that "Dildo pride is a force to be reckoned with."

Dildo isn't the only quirky name in Newfoundland, of course. The province is home to other towns with similarly wonderful names such as Come By Chance and Witless Bay.

The Times' Dan Levin notes that Dildoians are lucky, since "they do not live just a bit farther up the Newfoundland coast — on Ass Rock."

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