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Meet Nigel Wright, The Man Who Gave Mike Duffy $90,000

Who exactly is Nigel Wright?

That’s the question many Canadians were likely asking Wednesday when they learned Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s chief of staff footed the bill for Sen. Mike Duffy’s improper housing expenses.

A Harvard-educated Bay Street lawyer and banker, Wright took a leave of absence from a managing director gig at private equity giant Onex Corp to become Harper’s right-hand man in 2010.

Wright, 49, was apparently recruited for the position because Harper wanted the economy to be top of mind in the Prime Minister’s Office.

A 2011 profile in The Walrus described him as a man who has reached the top of both the business and political world without making enemies.

Duffy and Wright are friends, a source told The Canadian Press, and Wright offered the money as a gift when he learned Duffy was having financial difficulties.

But what else is there to know about the enigmatic (and apparently generous) man behind Stephen Harper?

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6 Things To Know About Nigel Wright
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