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Nightmares Fear Factory: 65 Of The Best Terrified Faces At The Factory's Haunted House

65 Of The BEST Terrified Faces We've Ever Seen
Nightmares Fear Factory

Forget the ghosts and goblins — we all know the scariest part of Halloween is the haunted houses.

Every month and year, Nightmares Fear Factory releases the best terrified moments from their brave customers at their Niagara Falls, Ont., haunted house.

And these pictures speak for themselves. We're talking about some of the most terrified (and hilarious) faces we've ever seen, from young teens jumping on people we assume are their parents to entire families scrunched up together in a sandwich. While Nightmares won't reveal what goes on inside, they do stipulate that pregnant women and those with heart conditions "do not go in!" Pictures were also captured with a hidden camera — just in case you were planning about striking a pose.

Earlier this week, rounded up some of the Factory's Flickr images of the best scared bros at a haunted house — and you can also check out HuffPost Comedy's round-up of last year's 17 best photos.

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The Best Of Nightmares Fear Factory

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