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Nightmares Fear Factory's Haunted House Photos Are The Best Part Of Halloween

But also honour their bravery for going into this house!
Nightmares Fear Factory

Canadians all know when it comes to terrified faces at haunted houses, Niagara Falls' Nightmares Fear Factory holds the title for the most hilarious ones.

The haunted house, which is one of the oldest haunted venues in North America, has been scaring people — and making us laugh — for several years now.

This year, Nightmares confirms (without giving too much away) there have been some changes to the lobby and inside the haunted house itself, which could mean a lot more frights.

"October is one of the busiest months for thrill-seekers and the Factory. The weekend before Halloween is the busiest, however, with Halloween being on a Saturday night this year, we're expecting things to be very scary... and busy," says Vee Popat, director or digital marketing for the haunted house.

Tickets for the 10 to 15-minute tour (this really depends on how quickly you walk through the house) are $13.95 for adults and $10.25 for children. And if you're wondering what people are actually scared of in the photos below, Popat isn't giving up any secrets — and says there are several hidden cameras all around the haunted house.

Check out 23 of this year's best pictures (so far). If you have one to share, leave it in the comments below!

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