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No Regrets: The 10 Most-Forgotten Vacation Items (And How To Remember Them)

No Regrets: The 10 Most-Forgotten Vacation Items (And How To Remember Them)
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Here’s a familiar scenario: You arrive at your fabulous beachside hotel and start unpacking your things, only to realize that while you managed to bring 12 pairs of shoes, nine dresses and seven bathing suits, your pyjamas didn’t make it into your suitcase and your newly-purchased sunscreen is going unused on your kitchen counter. We’ve all been there – here are some of the most commonly-forgotten items:

<strong>Your phone charger</strong>

No Regrets: The 10 Most-Forgotten Vacation Items (And How To Remember Them)

Your phone charger

People can’t live without their mobile phones these days, but you might have to if you forget your charger. Here’s a thought: Why not put a reminder into your phone to pack your charger? That’ll reduce the chances of it winding up plugged into the wall at home while you’re trekking through a foreign city.


The toothbrush is an easy one to remember, but a toothbrush doesn’t go very far without toothpaste, so don’t forget to include it in your toiletries bag. While you’re at it, grab the dental floss too.

Camera accessories

Your fancy digital SLR camera takes amazing vacation photos, but only when it’s got a full battery and lots of memory. Don’t leave home without your camera charger and extra memory cards.


You may not think you’ll need your bathing suit when you’re visiting Edmonton or Halifax in February, but don’t be the only person in your group who has to miss out on the super-awesome hot tub party. Always be prepared for a swim.

A lock

Whether you’re working out at the gym or enjoying the amenities of the hotel, a small travel lock usually comes in handy if only for the peace of mind it gives you against pickpockets.

First aid items

Take it from seasoned travellers and parents everywhere: You’ll never realize how important it is to always have bandages until you need one. A small first aid kit will provide a wealth of items that will always come in handy, if only for blisters.

A brush or comb

You remembered your curling iron, blow-dryer, hair straightener, and assortment of essential hair products, but -- surprise! -- you forgot the one thing necessary to put all of these tools into action: Your brush.


Whether you’re travelling somewhere exotic or just heading to the next province over, snacks are always a good thing to have handy. After all, hotel guests can’t just raid the fridge when their stomach growls at 2 a.m. Nuts, granola bars and other healthy, non-perishable items won’t go to waste.

Something warm

You might be thinking, “No need for a sweater! I’m going to Vancouver in June -- it’ll be scorching! Tank tops and sarongs will do just fine.” Think again -- even warm climates can get downright chilly at night, especially when there’s a cool ocean breeze blowing in. Don’t be the kind of person who has to consider wearing a hotel blanket to dinner.


Underwear is such an obviously essential item, that people often don’t even realize they’ve forgotten it until it’s too late. Don’t be that person who has to rush to the nearest department store to buy a family pack of Fruit of the Loom -- make sure your best underthings are the first thing you put in your suitcase.

Laundry essentials

A laundry bag is an item that is often underestimated. Without it, how are you supposed to separate your dirty underwear from your clean underwear? As well, a stain remover pen always comes in handy, and some sort of laundry soap is another must-have for those accidental spills on your favourite pants. You’ll thank us later.

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