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Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas That Kids Will Still Think Are Sweet

It doesn't have to be all about that chocolate.

Easter is just around the corner!

While a lot of people (especially kids) associate the Easter bunny with chocolate eggs and other sugary treats, not all parents are super keen to load their kids up on sweets.

Here are 14 easy ideas for Easter basket goodies that kids will love that won't rot their teeth.

1. Books


From favourite characters (like Peppa and Paw Patrol), to classics like Peter Rabbit, there's an Easter book out there for every kid.

Get it at: Indigo, $10.99

2. Art supplies


Art supplies are the perfect addition to any Easter basket, and add a pop of colour, too. Even better if they're egg-shaped.

Get it at: Amazon, $7.99

3. Gardening supplies


Easter baskets can also be a celebration of spring, and what's more spring-like than gardening? There are some seriously adorable watering cans, tools, boots and hats out there for kids.

Get it at: Indigo, $12.95 for watering can

4. Surprise eggs


Eggs don't need to be chocolate! Kids LOVE surprise eggs, and the activities inside will keep them occupied for ages.

Get it at: Walmart, $29.97

5. Adorable school supplies

party city

Come onnnnn, these are the cutest erasers we've ever seen. There are all kinds of sweet school supplies, like pencils and erasers, that will look great in an Easter basket.

Get it at: Party City, $3.49

6. Pajamas


There are so many adorable Easter pajamas out there! Roll them up and they fit perfectly in your little bunny's basket.

Get it at: Gap, $32.99

7. Outdoor toys

Canadian Tire

Get outside! Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and skip ropes make fun Easter basket additions.

Get it at: Canadian Tire, $4.99

8. Umbrella


April showers bring May flowers, so why can't the Easter bunny bring umbrellas? There are some incredibly sweet ones out there.

Get it at: Amazon, $19.95

9. Lego

Lego Shop

What kid doesn't love Lego? Easter-themed Lego? EVEN BETTER.

Get it at: Lego Shop, $12.99

10. Plush bunny

Mastermind Toys

Everybunny needs a soft bunny of their own.

Get it at: Mastermind Toys, $19.99

11. Silly Putty eggs


Fact: kids love slime and gooey things. Fact: silly putty eggs check those boxes.

Get it at: Staples, $6.99 for a carton

12. Stickers

Party City

Stickers: they're a classic for a reason!

Get it at: Party City, $2.49

13. Sunglasses


Summer is nearly here! Surely your little bunny will appreciate some fresh shades.

Get it at: Zazzle, $18.45

14. Summer gear

Bed Bath and Beyond

Your little one will be excited to play in the sand with his or her own personalized pail and shovel (the pail could even replace the basket itself).

Get it at: Bed Bath and Beyond, $23.99

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