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10 Non-Junk Loot Bag Ideas For Kids' Birthday Parties

There are fun alternatives to ring pops out there.
Superhero capes make great party favours.
Superhero capes make great party favours.

The divisive, hot-button, should-you-or-shant-you parenting topic of 2019 might just be ... wait for it ... loot bags.

On one hand, these classic birthday party favours are a fun tradition and kids love them. On the other, they can be wasteful, expensive, and full of plastic junk (and most parents do NOT want more junk). And a growing movement of parents are eschewing the idea that we should thank kids for coming to a party, (when the party itself is a treat).

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But if you're worried about being a party pooper, there are alternatives to ring pops and plastic crap that breaks as soon as you play with it. It is possible to give out party favours that are actually useful!

Here are 10 creative but simple, fun but non-junk loot bag ideas for your kid's next birthday party.

1. Sidewalk chalk


Perfect for a spring or summer party, sidewalk chalk is a kid favourite that will get them playing outside.

Get it at:Walmart, $2.99

2. Superhero capes and masks


Whether you make your own or buy in bulk, superhero capes and masks are sure to be a hit.

Get it at:Amazon, $49.80 for 18

3. Personalized pillow cases

These favours are perfect for a slumber party. Get some fabric markers and have the kids design their own!

Get it at:Amazon, $23.99 (for 24 fabric markers) and $21.99 (for 12 white pillowcases)

4. Books


Books are such a wonderful treat, and giving them as favours doesn't have to break the bank. For instance, Walmart has 517 different books between $1 and $3!

Get it at: Walmart, $2.59

5. Plants


Kids love gardening and tending to plants. A fun planter like this dinosaur one is just the icing on the cake.

Get it at:Etsy, $12.47

6. School supplies disguised as toys

Party City Canada

Pencils, markers, notebooks and other school supplies are always in demand and often fun. And come on — just look at these adorable unicorn erasers.

Get it at:Party City Canada, $3.50 for 12

7. Mini flashlights


Fact: kids love exploring with flashlights. These colourful mini flashlights are perfect for a slumber party, a camping party, or any party, really.

Get it at: Amazon, $19.99 for a 4-pack

8. Play-Doh and cookie cutters


This is great for younger kids who love cutting things into shapes.

Get it at: Amazon, $22 for a 24-pack, and $23 for 50 animal-shaped cookie cutters

9. Sunglasses

Party City Canada

For your summer birthday babe, some cool shades are sure winners.

Get it at:Party City Canada, $14.99 for 24

10. Mugs and hot chocolate


And for your winter baby, fun mugs and hot chocolate packets are a great party favour.

Get it at:Amazon, $3.13 for four mugs, $9.99 for a 10-pack of hot chocolate packets.

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