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YWCA #NOTokay Campaign On Violence Against Women Is Tough To Watch

Trigger warning for graphic violence.

A startling new video campaign by YWCA Canada asks why we're treating violence against women lightly in our popular culture.

Called #NOTokay, the social media campaign by the women's organization targets TV series, video games and music videos and their representations of assault.

One of the videos mashes up various clips from "Family Guy," showing main character Peter beating up women, including his wife. While each video may seem like art or a joke to some, the campaign points out real statistics that are anything but funny.

"We believe we live in a culture that teaches girls how not to get raped, instead of teaching boys not to rape," YWCA notes. "Belittling, sexualizing, and attacking women online, on TV or anywhere else is not OK."

In Canada, one in two women over the age of 16 has experienced physical or sexual violence, and at least 67 per cent of Canadians say they know at least one woman who has experienced this type of abuse, according to research from the Canadian Women's Foundation. On average, as the campaign notes, a woman is killed every six days by an intimate partner.

The campaign also features a Kanye West music video called "Monster," where he holds a decapitated female's head, and scenes from various video games showing men beating up and assaulting women.

Each 15-second video makes a powerful statement. The #NOTokay campaign has also taken their initiatives on social media, featuring demeaning quotes from high profile men around violence, and more statistics that are tough to swallow.

Take a look at the videos above and let us know, does it make you think twice about the media you consume?

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