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Nude Tweet: Ontario PC Candidate George Lepp Says Pornographic Twitter Photo Not Of Him

Candidate: Nude Tweet Not Me

Whose privates were shared with the world via a photo posted to the Twitter feed of an Ontario PC candidate?

The Ontario Progressive Conservatives denied a report in the Toronto Sun Sunday night that rookie candidate George Lepp was embarrassed to learn a photo of "his family jewels" was posted to his campaign Twitter account.

The Sun story says Alan Sakach, communications director for the Ontario Conservatives, told the paper the device was operating on camera mode in Lepp's front pant pocket when it went missing.

But Sakach quickly denied the report, telling the Toronto Star the image was not of Lepp and that he has no idea how it was taken. “This is crap journalism,” Sakach told the Star, accusing The Sun of misquoting him.

Sakach told The Canadian Press that Lepp is extremely upset that something was tweeted in his name and it was not from him.

He said the candidate from Niagara was leaving the party convention in Toronto and was jostled by people from another convention and the Blackberry was "pickpocketed." The candidate didn't know it was stolen until the next morning when his son spotted the post on Twitter.

The Sun described the pictures as "too graphic to reproduce in the newspaper" and depicts a naked man from the waist down, with a close up of his genitals and crossed legs. It appeared on Lepp's Twitter feed for about 20 minutes before it was pulled down, the paper reported.

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