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Obama, Romney And Canada: Poll Gives Incumbent 7-To-1 Edge North Of The Border

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The Angus Reid survey is just one of a series of recent polls to find that were Obama facing Canadian voters, he would likely win a landslide victory.

Asked whom they would vote for if allowed to participate in the U.S. election, 72 per cent of Canadians said they would cast a ballot for Obama, while 10 per cent chose Romney. Eighteen per cent of respondents were unsure.

Results were similar in the United Kingdom, with 62 per cent voting for Obama and 6 per cent for Romney. Thirty-two per cent were unsure.


What Has Obama Accomplished As President?

The poll also asked Canadians and Britons whether Obama has been good for their respective nations. In Canada, 68 per cent of respondents thought Obama has been good or very good for the country and in the U.K. the number was 57 per cent.

Obama saw strong support on this question across Canada's regions, but was strongest in Quebec, where 80 per cent of those surveyed said the U.S. President has been good or very good for the nation.


Obama vs. Expectations

The Angus Reid numbers come on the heels of a GlobeScan poll for the BBC World Service, which found 66 per cent of Canadians favour Obama to 9 per cent for Romney. In the 21 countries surveyed for that poll, just one preferred Romney to Obama: Pakistan.

A Nanos poll released Wednesday also found strong support among Canadians for the signature accomplishment of Obama's first term in office: health care reform. Just over 71 per cent of those surveyed said Obama is on the right track with his health care changes, as opposed to 7.3 per cent who said he is on the wrong track.

Nate Silver, the widely-cited pollster for The New York Times, predicts there's a roughly 77 per cent chance Obama will win the election. This is despite some polls showing Romney is actually ahead nationally. Many pollsters predict that even if Romney wins the popular vote, Obama's edge in key swing states such as Ohio will likely hand him victory in the Electoral College.

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