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Olympus Tower, Chechnya's Tallest Building, Engulfed In Flames (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

LOOK: Fire Engulfs Chechnya's Tallest Building

A fire swept through the tallest building in the Russian Republic of Chechnya Wednesday.

Dramatic photos and video of the blaze at the 145-meter-high Olympus (Olimp) Tower in Chechnya's capital of Grozny have been widely shared on the internet.

Russia’s Emergency Services Ministry said nobody was hurt and that the fire was mostly limited to insulation that encased the tower, according to the Wall Street Journal. Onlookers were kept away from the fire.

The building previously made headlines when French actor Gerard Depardieu was given an apartment there by the leader of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. Depardieu visited Russia amid a public spat with his native France over tax rates.

Singer Seal and action star Jean Claude Van Damme attended the opening of the building, which is seen as a symbol Chechnya's emergence from years of war, according to ITN.

Fire In High-Rise Apartment Building In Grozny, Russia

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