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Ontario Cannabis Store Logo Is The Most Literal Thing Ever

The government-run weed stores unveiled their name this week.
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At some point in the summer of 2018, the Canadian government is going to legalize marijuana across the country. And as such, provinces are preparing for exactly how they plan to sell it.

In Alberta, they'll be issuing licenses for cannabis stores. In B.C., it'll be a mix of public and private stores that will offer weed for sale.

In Ontario, pot will be acquired through government-run stores, and on Friday, the province revealed exactly what those will be called, and what the marketing effort behind it looks like.

LCBO Cannabis

The Ontario Cannabis Store, the official brand of the LCBO's cannabis arm, notes the logo is "designed to convey a safe, simple and approachable environment for consumers, and agency employees, in a clear and easily understood manner."

Emphasis on the safe.

And of course, it got immediate feedback from online commenters.

It seems likely they were expecting something a bit more ... trippy.

Sure, the Ontario Cannabis Store logo LOOKS boring. But have you ever tried syncing it to 'Dark Side of the Moon'?

— Matthew Ritchie (@MatthewERitchie) March 9, 2018

Mind you, not everyone disliked it.

Some even provided helpful supplementary marketing materials.

And acronyms were immediately on offer.

There you have it, Ontario. Weed is coming your way eventually — just keep an eye out for the Ox.

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