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Ontario Meteor's Daytime Landing Extremely Rare: Expert (VIDEO)

WATCH: Are We Prepared For A Major Meteor Strike?

Experts say that the sky is falling, you just don't always get a chance to see it.

Margaret Campbell-Brown of The University of Western Ontario's Meteor Physics Group said Sunday's meteor that crashed somewhere near Cobourg, Ont. was likely about one metre in size, large enough to create a big hole in the ground if it landed intact.

Meteorites of this size hit the earth several times a week, says Campbell-Brown. "It not uncommon for these things to hit, what is less common is for them to hit during daytime and in populated areas," she said.

The Ontario meteor was about 1/20th the size of the rock that crashed in Chelyabinsk, Russia in Feb. 2103 that lit up the sky, damaged buildings and left a huge hole in the ice of Lake Chebarkul.

As for whether there's a "planet killer" meteorite heading our way, Campbell-Brown says we're safe, for now.

Watch the full interview above.

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