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Ontario Storm Photos Show Airport Tornado, Nuclear Plant Lightning Strike

Tornado Hits Airport. Lightning Hits Nuclear Plant. IT'S SCARY STORM DAY IN ONTARIO

Wild storms are ripping through Ontario Tuesday and the resulting weather photos are pretty terrifying.

Many of the most dramatic pictures are coming from the shores of Lake Huron. What looked to be a tornado was captured on camera near the airport in Owen Sound. Nearby, lightning struck the Bruce nuclear power plant

Local radio anchor Laura Carney tweeted that her parents who live near the airport are fine but have spotted a number of downed trees.

Tornado and severe thunder storm warnings are in effect for much of the area.

Global's Jeremy Cohn tweeted that as many as 30 houses may have been damaged by a reported tornado in the town of Angus, near Barrie. Bayshore News reported that a number of roofs have been ripped off.

A severe thunderstorm also hit Toronto Tuesday night. The wild weather comes nearly a year after a storm led to serious flooding in the city.

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