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Ontario's New Sex Ed Curriculum: Exactly What Your Kids Will Learn

This Is Exactly What Kids In Ontario Will Learn About Sex Ed In Each Grade

On Monday, Ontario released a new 2015 Health and Physical Education Curriculum — the first update to the curriculum in 17 years — that will be implemented in schools across the province in September.

The new curriculum will cover topics like sexting, cyber-bullying, consent, and for the first time, six gender identities instead of just two. Students will also to continue to learn about aspects of the reproductive system and sexual health issues throughout the years of elementary and secondary school.

Following Monday's release, some were quick point out significant changes for students in Grade 1. Starting in September, students in that age group will learn the correct names of their body parts, including the terms penis and vagina. Some of the opponents believe teaching kids about these proper terms, as well as same-sex marriage, anal sex, and oral sex should not be part of the curriculum.

To make things a lot more clear — and to move away from the many myths surrounding these changes — we've broken down exactly what kids will learn in each grade. Besides developing areas in sexual health, students will also learn about safety, respectful behaviours and healthy living overall.

Sex Ed In Ontario

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