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Tim Hortons Oreo Donut Lands In Canada July 7

Why did the arrival of the Oreo doughnut take this long?

In June, coffee giant Tim Hortons introduced the U.S. to the Oreo Donut — a chocolate doughnut filled with vanilla cream and topped with Oreo cookie crumbs, according to And although we're a little ticked off it didn't land in Canada first, we're happy to say the Oreo doughnut will make its way to Canadian stores on July 7. Oh, and there's an Oreo Iced Capp to go with it.

So far, lucky mouths who've had the chance to try the doughnut have nothing but good things to say on Twitter and Instagram.

The cookie-doughnut creation (which, if we close our eyes we can already taste in our mouths) has about 420 calories, 33 grams of sugar and absolutely no vitamin A or C. And as of now, it will be considered the least "healthy" doughnut on the Tim Hortons menu beating out the good old sour cream glazed doughnut, which has 340 calories.

If Tim Hortons and Oreo coming together sounds familiar to you, that's likely because you recall last summer's "Duelling Donuts" contest, which came down to The Oreo Borealis (yes, an Oreo doughnut) and the Tortoise Torte (which ended up winning the title). So we aren't wondering too much where this idea came from.

Would you eat one? If not, we'll take your serving.

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