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Organizing Tips For Kids' Toys And Rooms To Keep Your Home Tidy

Parents are searching for ideas more than ever. Here are 10 to get you started.
Pretend the kids haven't taken over with these organizing tips.
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Pretend the kids haven't taken over with these organizing tips.

When you have a kid, you tell yourself they won't take over your entire house. You'll still be organized. You'll still have adult spaces.

And you hardly notice as, slowly, the toy box becomes a toy room, the living room becomes a jungle gym, and the once Pinterest-perfect nursery looks like a tornado blew through a stuffed animal, mismatched sock and diaper factory.

Before you know it, you're sitting on a mound of toy train tracks and sippy cups, begging for Marie Kondo to save you. No wonder parents are searching for organizing hacks like never before.

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Searches for "mom organizing hacks" are up 143 per cent, according to Pinterest's January 2019 newsletter. Some of the top specific searches include hair bow organizer (up 147 per cent) and diaper caddy organization (up 257 per cent!), Pinterest notes.

Maybe it's because it's January, maybe it's because of the popularity of Marie Kondo's "Tidying Up" on Netflix, or maybe it's because parents have finally snapped. Whatever the reason, we are here to support your need to organize all your kids' junk.

Here are 10 of the best organizing hacks for parents we could find:

1. Ikea diaper caddy organization

The $40 Raskog utility cart from Ikea makes the perfect diaper caddy. Bonus: you can also use it to store baby clothes and shoes, and even art supplies.

Learn how to do it:Apartment Therapy

2. Baby bottle organization

A plastic organization bin will keep all those parts handy, and you can put a drying rack on top. Genius!

Learn how to do it:One Crazy House

3. Restaurant kit for toddlers

An old plastic wipes container will hold everything you need to entertain a kid in a restaurant. No more over-stuffed backpack clogging up your front hall for you!

Learn how to do it: Busy Toddler

4. Kids' art display

Got closets and drawers stuffed full of your kid's masterpieces? Put them on display and rotate them regularly with some bright frames, string, and clothespins.

Learn how to do it:Morning Chores

5. Puzzle storage

Yes to this!! Puzzles take up so much space, but simply swapping the boxes for stackable tupperware will make storage a breeze.

Learn how to do it:Frugal Ginger

6. Under-bed train table

We'd like to kiss whoever came up with this one. Storing train sets and even a train table under the bed is a genius move. Simply push it out of sight when not in use.

Learn how to do it: Little Bits of Home

7. Headband and hair bow frame

Stoppppppp. This is so cute! Got a ton of headbands and hair bows for your little one? Keep them organized with this adorable hack. It could also work for bow ties!

Learn how to do it: Mom and Wife

8. Keeping kids' snacks handy

A few clear plastic pantry bins can mean the difference between getting up every few minutes to get your kid a snack ... and them being able to do it themselves.

Learn how to do it: I Heart Organizing

9. Stuffed animal chair

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! This is perfect for any kid with an entire zoo of stuffies. They'll love their squishy bean bag chair, and you'll love not having to stare at approx. one million stuffed toys 24/7.

Learn how to do it: Googie Mama

10. Art supply organization

All you need is one of those hanging shoe organizers, and your days of slipping on markers and errant crayons could be a thing of the past.

Learn how to do it:I Can Teach My Child

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