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'Orphan Black' Season 2, Episode 5 Recap: My Enemy Is My Friend Is My Enemy

'Orphan Black' Recap: My Enemy Is My Friend Is My Enemy

*** SPOILER ALERT: Please do not read on unless you've seen "Orphan Black" Season 2, Episode 5, titled "Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est." (Unless you like spoilers, then go right ahead.) ***

Tonight's episode title means "knowledge itself is power," and indeed that seems to be the running theme of "Orphan Black" Season 2. As Sarah and the clones dig deeper into their past, as Art tries (and mostly fails) to uncover what's really going on, as the Prolethians seek to create new life (I think), and as Leekie, Cosima and Delphine search for answers about the clones' illness, each person is becoming more and more powerful with the more they learn. OK, except for Art, who remains stationary as the worst cop of all time.

It works that way for us as viewers, too. We're expected to piece together all of these scattered bits and try to figure out what's happening. Though showrunners Graeme Manson and John Fawcett warned me before the season started that we'll never figure it out, I HAVE FAITH. So far, you readers have been pretty astute, and I've received some awesome theories. Seeing as things completely change from week to week, it's tough to predict.

On that note, things are moving along at quite a clip, aren't they? Suddenly Paul is fully Rachel's bitch -- and I use that term in the most sex-slave-like aspect of the word -- and we can conclude that he definitely has a "type." Rachel hardly bats an eye at her dead monitor/boyfriend/plaything, and then moves right along to Paul. She's like ice when she promises Leekie that she's "only just begun." She also orders the stem cell research to be halted for Cosima until Sarah cooperates. We can see that Rachel has no sympathy or compassion for the other clones, which completely separates her from the rest. Wonder if this facade will crack before the season is through?

Via Rachel's speech to Paul, we discover more about Dr. Leekie's past, and how he was basically a surrogate father to her after her parents died. I turned a page on Leekie this week; this whole time I thought he was underhanded and out to get the clones, but I'm starting to think that he's genuinely invested in their survival and advancement. I still don't trust him 100 percent, but when he told Cosima and Delphine everything, then disobeyed Rachel's order about the stem cell research, and then met with Sarah at the bar at the end of the episode, I felt myself warming up to him. Unfortunately, I fear Leekie will meet a sad demise -- it's not a good thing to be a peripheral character on "Orphan Black," because it means you're expendable. And it would only make sense that he takes his wealth of knowledge to the grave. But I'm getting way ahead of myself here.

Things are moving fast for Kira and Cal, too -- she's already calling him "Daddy." Our attention is purposefully drawn to Cal, with his gun and wad of cash in that hidden compartment, his lies to the cop, his gentle grilling of Kira about Sarah, and his raised eyebrow at any questions or suspicions. There is more to this guy than we know. Did you see his face when Sarah tells him that Dyad is after her? He knows Dyad, and I bet he went looking for payback after Sarah stole his money. Plus we can't forget the whole bee optics thing. His knowledge will be useful later, I'm sure. Kira seems to be over Sarah's comings and goings, and is latching on to Cal. It's possible that she may even choose him over Sarah by the end.

Poor Felix is once again thrust into awful situations, the first of which is taking care of Helena. (I live for his scenes with Alison and/or Helena, they're like candy.) He drops her off at Art's apartment, which is of course a stupid move. He may as well have just left her on the street, because you know she's going to escape from Art. Felix goes home for a booty call/date, and as soon as the lube comes out, the cops bust in and arrest him for Daniel's murder. Asshole Paul frames him and gives Sarah 12 hours to give herself up. Not good. Though Felix in prison could be entertaining. Or horrible.

After gorging herself and watching fish for a little while, Helena manages to escape Art by using a sardine can pull tab. She hops on a motorcycle (seriously when are we seeing this happen? Please let it be soon) and heads out to assassinate Rachel. Art and Sarah discover Maggie Chen's old locker, along with an empty sniper rifle case, and realize what Helena is out to do. The climactic scene in this episode is one for the record books. Helena cutting the Barbie doll's hair, Sarah convincing her to put down the rifle, the interesting and slightly deranged foreplay between Rachel and Paul, the shot of Helena looking down the barrel past the Barbie head to Sarah's face, with Rachel in the background -- it was seriously sensory overload. Helena and Sarah walking out of the room, arm-in-arm, is my favourite thing in the world right now.

But all is not well. Rachel and Paul are on the hunt for Sarah and Kira, and the frightening Prolethians are gunning full-bore for Helena. They un-sew Grace's mouth (ouch ... great makeup effects here), and warn her to find her or carry Helena's child/clone herself. As if Grace could ever catch Helena, though -- which probably means she'll be a surrogate mother. Heaven forbid they make Tatiana Maslany wear a pregnancy suit. Dear lord, doesn't this woman do enough?

Up next week: Sarah and Helena take a road trip to The Place of Screams to find the Swan Man. Sounds beyond promising.

The Golden Clone:(I'll be awarding the best clone of the week) As if there was ever any doubt. It's all Helena this week. Watching her shove food in her mouth and psychotically talk to a doll were some of my absolute favourite "Orphan Black" scenes so far.

Random Thoughts:

  • Helena was off the chain tonight in terms of quotes:
  • - "Very pretty dirty sexy Rachel. Just like my mother."

    - "Mrs. S. has nice truck. Much leg rooms."

    - "He lies down with pigs. [Snort snort snort]"

  • Felix: "I'm sure I've got a Ukrainian folk costume in here somewhere."
  • Are we at all surprised that Tatiana looks amazing in lingerie? There's nothing she can't do.
  • I hate Paul. He is SO going to die before this season is over. He is ripped, though. I'll give him that.
  • I loved it when Helena saw the beads hanging in the doorway. She was so confused. Again, this is Tatiana paying attention to detail in her characters.
  • The showrunners need to be careful with the Prolethians. At the moment, it's OK, but if they go any more "crazy," they're just going to be comic-book villains. They need to be given more backstory and context. Too vague and they have no dimension.
  • The Shit Goblins.

"Orphan Black"

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