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7 Easy Oscar-Worthy Recipes To Make This Weekend

We hope you've practiced your Oscar speech in the shower, because this year you're going to bring home the title of "Best Host."

After saying goodbye to football season and the Winter Olympics, we can always count on awards season to bring us together once again. Just like Leonardo DiCaprio, who finally snagged himself the golden trophy, we hope you've practiced your Oscar speech in the shower — avec a conditioner bottle — because this year you're going to bring home the title of "Best Host."

In between the aisles of eye candy, designer gowns, live TV hiccups and the suspense around who will be bringing Oscar home, forget snacking on popcorn (seriously, we're not D-list hosts here.) Let's appreciate the commercial breaks where we can fill up our plates with these seven delicious Oscar-worthy recipes.

I can't understand anyone who doesn't eat broccoli by the bushel. The wee green tree is a "miracle food," extolled for its anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant virtues. So, how do we best treat this crowned king-of-all-vegetables? Majestically. First, it takes a lovely plunge in a pot of boiling water. Next, it gets outfitted with a zesty Parmesan, panko and thyme coating. After a short stint in a sweltering oven, the crisp, tempura-style florets are dunked in a creamy lemon dip for a splendid finish. Now, if only this noble cruciferous vegetable could do something about my crow's feet, I'd be set.

How do you make a strikingly elegant, from-scratch appetizer? Simple. Follow Lisa's great directions for these inventive crostini, crisp polenta squares serving as the perfect vehicle for soft, sweet and aromatic oven-roasted peppers, along with fruity, fleshy Kalamata olives.

These easy, healthy and flavourful Thai Chicken Meatball Wraps are a delicious Asian twist on a classic Italian dish. Sorry spaghetti, but this is a meal you can hold in your hand, butter lettuce filled with Thai-flavoured chicken meatballs, a light peanut sauce and a spicy slaw.

Why the big fuss over Leonardo da Vinci's painting? I mean, my sister is the Mona Lisa; she's got the brown eyes that follow me everywhere, the corners of her mouth in a slight upturn and a constant air of mystery. But she melts down like the Dali clock when I ask her how much longer until her masterpiece, this crispy thin-crust pizza topped with nutty-tasting Fontina and arugula, comes out of the oven.

You don't have to throw a fancy gala to enjoy this Black Tie Martini, a delicious combination of gin, vodka and white wine. What are you waiting for? Suit up!

These scrumptious marinated olives will please everyone on your invite list.

Ever bite into a cookie and have a near religious experience? Well, we did, thanks to Chef Lisa and these incomparable Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies. Not only do you whip up these incredible chewy chocolate chip cookies, but you also get to make your own salted caramel sauce (don't be scared, it's easy,) which combine for the perfect sweet and salty bite.

Divine, we promise.

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