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Painting Myths Busted By Home Expert Jodi Gilmour

All Your Painting Problems Will Be Solved By These Tips By Jodi Gilmour

If we have learned anything about interior decorating, it's that a coat of paint can update any room. It can give a space a new life and make your home feel refreshed and renewed.

But the idea of repainting a home can be stressful and there are many myths around painting that we have grown to believe are true. This is where Jodi Gilmour, rental expert and host of HGTV's For Rent steps in. She's given us 9 of the most common painting myths and busted them.

After reading these debunked painting myths, you'll never fear a paint can and brush again:

White walls are institutional

Painting Myths Debunked

White walls are institutional:"Sure, if you use uncoloured paint right from the can, you'll bounce off the walls. But there are a million shades of white. A creamy white is warm and soothing, while a citric white adds energy!" says real estate agent and rental expert Jodi Gilmour.

Painting a ceiling makes a room look smaller: "Humans are naturally inclined to see sky blue as further away than a common ceiling colour like fresh cream. So, painting your ceiling a sky blue can actually make a room feel taller. Rooms that have a lot of white in them, like a white kitchen or a bank of white closet doors can use a little colour. Go with a medium shade on the walls and a shade or two darker on the ceiling."

Dark colours make a room look smaller: "Bold colours make a statement, but they don't always scream "small room." If you've got light-coloured furniture, floors and fixtures, or lots of windows, you need a bold colour to add personality," Gilmour says.

If you start freshening up one wall you have to do them all: "This is not the case. Even if you've lost the name of colour that’s on the wall, you can get usually get it matched to a very close likeness. So close that the average person will not detect a difference. Paint wall-by-wall as needed. Your high traffic zones could require refreshing quite frequently. We are hard on our house, so our main entrance from the garage has been painted three times in less than five years."

You can only paint when its around 15 degrees outside:"Origins by Benjamin Moore was created exclusively for Canadian Tire, so they took into account our climate and created "Ultimate Exterior", a premium quality exterior paint that’s designed for all weather," Gilmour says. "It can be applied as low as 4.4 degrees celsius, so even my cousin in Yellowknife can freshen up her door for spring!"

If you have small kids, you just have to live with marked-up walls: "Not so! I have 2 boys, so this was a big concern for me. I look for paint that contains Microlinx technology, which provides a beautiful decorative finish with enhanced durability that can stand up to repeated washing without fading. Look for something in matte finish, so you can get that soft look -- and keep it!"

Paint has to be done by a professional: "An increasing number of Canadians are painting their spaces themselves. That’s because the formulation of paint has changed a lot over time, and in favour of the "do-it-yourselfer". Look for a paint that’s professional quality, but user friendly. It should contain built-in primers and have great coverage, so you get the job done faster. You might even have fun, like those couples painting their living rooms wearing overalls - like in all ads for mortgages and insurance!"

Buyers will want to paint with the colour of their choice when they move in: "Nooooo! Most buyers want to buy a home in move-in condition," advises Gilmour. "They are willing to paint a room or two -- if they have to. A fresh coat of paint in a modern neutral with fresh accent colours makes your space feel up-to-date, clean and ready to just move in and enjoy."

Getting a straight line should be left to the pros: "Not so! A crisp clean line is only a stroke away. Tape out the line, and using a medium to dry brush paint over the tape with the base colour to seal the tape line. Let this dry, then go over with the new colour and let that dry. Remove the tape and find a crisp clean line! Horizontal stripes can fix myriad of problems; they can hide unsightly bulkheads and make a long and narrow room looks less like a bowling alley."

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