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Doctor, I Want You To Change My Fate

Cheating fate has never seemed so simple.

In Japan, just a little rewiring of the palm lines -- with help from a scalpel-wielding cosmetic surgeon -- and one's lot in life appears to make a definite improvement.

Suddenly, that absent 'fortune' line is long and strong. And the 'marriage' line that you never had? If your fresh-carved palm lines are any indication, you can expect a proposal any day now.

At least, that's the idea behind the demand for hand plastic surgery, according to The Daily Beast. -- change your palm and change your fate.

"If you try to create a palm line with a laser, it heals, and it won’t leave a clear mark," Takaaki Matsuoka, a plastic surgeon at the Shonan Beauty Clinic, told The Daily Beast.

"You have to use the electric scalpel and make a shaky incision on purpose, because palm lines are never completely straight. If you don’t burn the skin and just use a plain scalpel, the lines don’t form. It’s not a difficult surgery, but it has to be done right."

Palmistry in Japan remains a staggering preoccupation, as people seemingly unburdened of reality,

Even bank machines are doing it -- for altogether different reasons.

Also popular in South Korea, the procedure involves an electric scalpel -- essentially burning the flesh until a mostly permanent scar remains.

According to the Japan Daily Press, palm lines requests are deeply divided among gender lines with women looking to buff their love/marriage line and men looking to fatten up their wealth line.

And the bottom line?

"The palm surgery story is not only big in Japan, but has some sort of weird logic that makes it attractive," writes Ben Richmond in Motherboard. "It sits at the crossroads of rational scientific practice — namely surgery — and superstition. Even those who practice palmistry find the trend sort of strange."

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