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Panda Triplets Born In China, Dubbed Extremely Rare (VIDEO)


What’s better than a panda baby? Three panda babies, of course.

A zoo in China announced the birth of triplet panda cubs (who were born on July 29) Tuesday. Breeders say they delayed the announcement to ensure the extremely rare triplets would survive, reports the Associated Press.

An official from the Sichuan Wolong national nature reserve in China told The Guardian they are the only known alive panda triplets in the world. According to the AP, only four sets of triplets are known to have been born through artificial breeding, but did not survive past six months.

Since they're so tiny, the gender of the pandas cannot be determined yet, so they will not be named at this point, reports German paper

Their 12-year-old mother, Ju Xiao, was impregnated by a male panda, Linlin, at a Guangzhou city zoo in March of this year.

Canada may also be welcoming a baby panda or two soon.

Earlier this summer rumours swirled that the Toronto Zoo’s panda, Er Shun, may be pregnant after being artificially inseminated in April. Reports are yet to be confirmed.

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